Detroit's Motown Museum announces $50 million expansion

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The Motown Museum in Detroit is planning a $50 million expansion that will include interactive exhibits, a performance theater and recording studios.

The museum said Monday that the new space will be designed and built around the existing museum, which includes the Motown studio with its "Hitsville U.S.A." facade.

The Motown Museum is located in the house where record company founder Berry Gordy launched a cultural and commercial music empire. The label started in 1959 and scores of stars and hits were created before it decamped to California in 1972.

"When the expanded Museum opens, it will be one of Michigan's leading cultural institutions and an even greater international tourist destination providing economic growth and regional enrichment," Robin R. Terry, Chairwoman and CEO of Motown Museum said in a statement. "Its imprint will be far-reaching by bringing thousands of visitors to Detroit each year along with positive national and international attention."

The Museum was founded in 1985 by Esther Gordy Edwards. You can get more information on the museum at