Detroit's New Center businesses deal with flooding damage

One area of Detroit hit hard by the recent flooding is the New Center area and many businesses there are dealing with the fallout, days later.

Flooded vehicles and homes victims of Friday's massive rainfall but some area businesses say they're also feeling the pain.

"We got impacted by the flood Friday and Saturday night," said Alex Haidous, owner, New Center Grill.

FOX 2 cameras found this restaurant owner working to estimate the damage that resulted from not only the flooding but a power outage.

"Everything I have in the restaurant is officially going to waste," he said.

The Detroit Windsor Dance Academy also impacted.

"I was like totally shocked," said Debra White Hunt. "Especially since we're on the second floor."

These owners are not sure how to move forward with their summer camp but say they trying to work with building management.

"We were going to start Monday, July 5, now they have asked if they could help us move into another space and we're trying to figure out if it can work it out."

A few blocks over, Dittrich Furs was also affected by the massive rainfall but is counting their blessings

"We just got a lot of paperwork that was damaged, but we can get through that but we are most happy that we had no loss of goods and no damage to merchandise," said Clarance Albert, store manager. "We just want our customers know that none of your merchandise was damaged."

FOX 2 cameras also found a business on East Jefferson using industrial fans to dry their store out from the recent flooding.

The owners of the dance academy are hoping the community will help them out as they work to recover from the water damage. If you would like to help with a donation, the link is HERE.