DFD: July 4 weekend busier than Devil's Night

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Detroit's arson problem became a national story in the 1980s and 1990s with Devil's Night.

A volunteer push in the 2000s cut the fire numbers and all but shut down the night before Halloween as an arson destination.

But there's a new firebug target now - the weekend of July 4 is the busiest time of year say Detroit firefighters.

"It's like Devils' Night that's why they no longer have a problem," one firefighter said. "They have so many people out, so many volunteers they have so many people out they can't get anything done. So now, they switched it up (with July 4)."

So Charlie LeDuff rode out with the Detroit Fire Department's Engine 41 on the east side to see what the holiday weekend had in store.

(Explicit language in video)

Look for the full story this week on The Americans with Charlie LeDuff. Until then, here's a look.