DIA celebrates Black History Month with array of free online content due to pandemic

Black History Month is one of the most popular times at the Detroit Institute of Arts for exhibits on Black History and culture.

"We want to show that African-Americans have a footprint in anything and everything," said Sharon Harrell.

But with COVID-19 restrictions including reduced capacity, the DIA is celebrating Black History Month differently with free online programs. 

"We're really trying to find ways to bring the audience to the screen," said Harrell.

It allows the chance to watch movies like *Unapologetic* which focuses on the Black experience. 

"It's going to post in a certain day and you can see it throughout the month," Harrell said.

There are also panel discussions and you can also go online for "Wind Down Wednesdays" which will focus on culinary arts.

"That's where we share a recipe and a cocktail, that pairs with that meal," she said. "We're celebrating the African-American chef in Detroit and Michigan. We have a conversation afterward and we're going to talk about the cultural significance of the meal."

You can also learn more about Black culture through music and artist demonstrations 

"We're going to have performers who are going to do live screenings or they will have a video of something prepared for the DIA," Harrell said. "Black History Month is showcasing programming for children and families. We are dedicated to that." 

To learn more about what the DIA is offering for Black History Month go to www.dia.org/blackhistorymonth

"It's about celebrating the things that African-Americans are doing and that's what Black History Month is all about," she said.