Disabled man sues city attorney for mocking his paralysis - in dispute sparked by online meme

The Hamtramck city attorney is being sued for allegedly harassing an activist who says he is being mocked for his paralysis and using a wheelchair.

The attorney is now defending himself in a lawsuit claiming he threatened to abuse his power against Farmington Hills man. Charles Blackwell.

"Stating that when I got shot and paralyzed eight years ago, that it was destined by God that I got shot by the bullet and paralyzed," Blackwell said.

Blackwell admits he started it with a meme when Hamtramck City Attorney Jim Allen denied a Freedom of Information Act Request. Blackwell responded by sending what he calls a political parody.

"I sent over a meme of him outside the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice," he said.

Allen went into detail about the meme.

"Standing on the steps of Frank Murphy Hall of Justice with my image on one body, my partner's image on another, my colleague’s on another one after that," Allen said.

Blackwell says Allen responded with harassing emails, allegedly calling him names like "pathetic little wheel boy" and "Chuck who can’t  (expletive)."

"To say you got paralyzed, hahaha for the rest of your life, stay there, you are nothing, make sexual references saying I can’t have kids, but he can spread his DNA, it’s just appalling," Blackwell said.

FOX 2 asked Allen if he sent the emails.

"The case has no merit," he said. "I am confident that the process will work itself out in court."

Blackwell says what prompted him to file a lawsuit was when Allen allegedly made a threat to go after his internet usage.

"I have to wonder everyday did he serve this subpoena and get access to my emails and personal pictures and everything else," Blackwell said.

Charles Blackwell, left, Hamtramck City Attorney Jim Allen.

Charles Blackwell, left, Hamtramck City Attorney Jim Allen.

Blackwell is hoping a judge will discipline the city attorney and compensate him for his pain and suffering.