Disabled man, young woman found dead in Detroit apartment

A disabled man and a young woman were gunned down Wednesday inside an apartment on Detroit's southwest side.

His name was Frank. He was in his 60s and he was disabled.

He lived in an apartment building on Beard, and around 5:30 a.m. someone killed him.

"He didn't do nothing to nobody he didn't bother nobody. They killed him right here in this room -- right there," a neighbor said.

He lived in what neighbors call a drug-infested slum in southwest Detroit.

Frank was still in his bed, an air mattress, and his neighbor says he heard eight gunshots early Wednesday morning.

One neighbor says he looked out the window and saw a man in black carrying a black duffle bag heading toward the highway

That same neighbor went to investigate and found the door to Frank's apartment wide open.

"I'm not going in there because I know there was shooting and I know something happened. The TV and everything knocked over. There's glass everywhere and as I looked, and I see on the floor there's bullet shells, so I called Frank's name five times," he said.

But Frank didn't answer. When police arrived, they also found the body of a woman in her 20s under a table.

"The male had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and the female had sustained one gunshot wound," said Michael Woody of the Detroit Police Department.

The neighbor said the suspect took the camera in the hallway.

"They broke that down but whoever it was they knew the layout," he said.

Whoever it was may have left part of the camera in the trash, so there may be video of the suspect.

Nobody at the apartment knew his last name and the victims have yet to be identified by the medical examiner.

The landlord says no family members have been to the apartment yet.

Police say they are receiving some information that is conflicting, so they are asking anyone who knows the individuals in that apartment to come forward with whatever information they have.