Dispensary owner speaks after heated Inkster council meeting ejection

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A medical marijuana dispensary owner is upset after his license to operate was turned out and now claims it's all a sham -- led by Inkster's mayor.

Things got heated Monday night at the city Council meeting in Inkster as Peter Cimeot, the landlord for the Suite B Medical Marijuana Dispensary, tried to get an annual permit renewed - but was denied.  

"I worked for this **** my whole life you piece of ****. I'm going to destroy you," Cimeot said during the meeting.

FOX 2 caught up with him after watching him be escorted out by police, using some explicit language.

"I know I'm a little embarrassed about that," Cimeot said.

The city says one of the partners had a misdemeanor on his record which precluded the group and getting a license. But the landlord says otherwise.  

"The mayor and his cronies want a piece of the pie," Cimeot said.

FOX 2: "Do you have proof of that?"

"Yes I do, “he said. "I have audio."

Cimeot claims he has audio that shows Chuck Norton, a special advisory to the mayor, and Inkster Mayor Byron Nolan's cousin, who, allegedly was trying to get Suite B to sell the business to a woman.

"He actually did try to strong-arm my clients," said Raj Surariya, attorney for some partners of Suite B.

The attorney wouldn't give FOX 2 the audio because he still working on a lawsuit against the city for extortion, which he says should be filed in a few days. But Inkster city attorney David Jones says Suite B's license was revoked because at the time, a partner had a conviction and even if the conviction has been expunged, it doesn't matter. 

"So he may not have a conviction now but at the time she revoked it, he was in ineligible to have the business license in the city of Inkster," Jones said.

And what about the allegation that the mayor's cousin was trying to strong arm the sale of the business?

"Obviously we're going to do an investigation and hopefully we'll find out if there's any merit to it - but he didn't present any names or any evidence," Jones said. 

FOX 2: "Another thing we heard was that the mayor may have an interest in other dispensaries in Inkster?"

"That is one of the allegations he's made," Jones said. "I know of no evidence to substantiate that claim. A lot of the allegations sounded like sour grapes after the vote didn't go his way."

And from the looks of things, Suite B may not be very sweet in Inkster. 

"Now I've just got property sitting there," Cimeot said. "Three buildings, doing nothing, losing money day-by-day."