Do your plastic surgery homework to avoid being 'botched'

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Thanks to reality TV, plastic surgery has never been more public - with many freely admitting the work they've had done and others showing off the work that's gone wrong. 

The E Network show "Botched" gives us an unpleasant view of plastic surgery as patients flock to the doctors looking for a fix after a bad surgery. 

So how often does this really happen? Dr. Anthony Youn, a Beaumont plastic surgeon, weighs in.

"About one out of every five patients I see is a fix job of something that's gone wrong," said Youn.

From infections to scarring, Youn has plenty of horror stories.  

"I've had patients come to see me who've had silicone injected into their buttocks," he said. "And I've seen the same thing with people who've had it done to their faces." 
You have to do some homework before you go under the knife that means evaluating three things, Youn says. 
If you're having plastic surgery:

1)  Research your procedure, there are procedures being done that shouldn't be done.
2) Research your doctor and make sure your doctor is board certified. Make sure that surgeon is certified by Aesthetics Society.
3) Make sure your surgery is done by an accredited facility. A hospital is going to be safest.