Doctor talks Covid's impact on heart health

As doctors learn more about the impact of coronavirus, one thing that's emerged is the impact it has on an infected person’s heart.

"(It) increases the potential for having a heart attack or for having what we call myocarditis or inflammation of the heart," said Dr. Samer Kazziha.

Research shows that certain categories of people are more prone to having heart issues after contracting COVID-19.

"We know that patients who are older in age who have pre-existing cardiovascular disease, will be higher risk for having some of those complications," he said.

Dr. Sam Kazziha of Henry Ford Hospital says complications from Covid can impact the heart in several ways.

"One of the things we've seen in an acute setting that people can have ... there is a blood test that we can do, is indicative of injury to the heart," he said. "With the long-term effect which is not clear, yet patients have a more shortness of breath, fatigue, arrhythmia like irregular heartbeat."

But doctors say as they conduct more research, the better answer is found in prevention.

"There’s no question that masks work, but more importantly vaccination," he said.

Doctors say the best way to prevent any impact of Covid on the body is preventing infection, with vaccination the key, adding the booster shot is also key.

"The booster enhances your ability to fight off the infection of Covid,"

Dr. Kazziha understands that some people still believe there is a risk in taking the Covid vaccination, but he wants anyone who is hesitant about vaccination to understand this

"The risk of not being vaccinated is significantly higher than the risk of being vaccinated, said Dr. Kazziha.

Dr. Sam Kazziha, Henry Ford Health System.

Dr. Sam Kazziha, Henry Ford Health System.