Documents: Company sold tainted body parts to DMC in 2013

Allegations have surfaced that the Biological Resource Center of Illinois knew that body parts they were selling for research tested positive for things like hepatitis or couldn't be tested at all, to make sure they weren't tainted.

Here are the specifics: federal court documents show in August of 2013 the Detroit Medical Center's sports medicine department was invoiced for human remains for five “Bioskills Labs."

The idea was that the body parts would be used for research, but at least one specimen supplying the labs tested positive for hepatitis.

According to prosecutors the men behind the money making scheme are Donald Green Sr. and Donald Green II.

If the documents are correct these men knew exactly what they were doing, leaving the DMC in the dark.

Schemers have tried to run from the law after selling infected body parts before. 

"It is despicable that in essence, body brokering - the selling for profit of organs or bodies, exists," said Tracy Smolka. 

Smolka spoke with FOX 2 in May of 2018 about her dad's head being sold for $500 to Detroit-based International Biological Incorporated. The feds seized her father's head during their investigation into black market body parts allegedly obtained through a company out of Illinois and sold to Biological Inc.
Rounds of raids on the east side several years back, resulted in a 13-count indictment in which prosecutors say diseased heads and torsos used for medical and dental training were rented out.