Dog escapes kennel, setting off alarm, then tries to free his friends; gets busted by Tempe police officer

At the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue near 24th Street and Hardy Drive, all was sound in the middle of the night until one of the rescue dogs, King, decided enough was enough.

"The alarm went off. It was like, you know, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock in the morning and I immediately looked to see what was going on and couldn't find anything happening, and then I saw the mess, and I was like, oh my God," said Lost Our Home Pet Rescue founder, Jodi Polanski.

That "oh my," was footage of King breaking out of his kennel and even trying to get his friends out to join his party. After managing to open a closed door, King decided he needed some food and drinks – making a mess.

King was eventually busted by a Tempe Police officer.

"The police actually came because he set the alarm off, and it kept going off over and over again," said Polanski.

Nicknamed as "Mr. Clean," the Tempe officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, got King back in his bed, and ended up cleaning the aftermath of the dog's festivities.

"I was looking at the footage the next morning. 2 in the morning. I'm like, how is that possible? I had no idea the officer was going to clean up, and I saw it, and I was just like, wow, amazing man that he did that," said Polanski.

A night that King won't forget and surely, one the police officer won't either.

The Lost Our Home Pet Rescue says they're in need of pet food right now and especially dry cat food. They're also looking for large dog fosters.