Dog forced to run behind men on bikes to leave critical care

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Penelope was found by two Good Samaritans who say two men forced her to run behind their bikes and then abused her before leaving her for dead.

The Detroit Dog Rescue says that a pit bull mix who was forced to run behind two men on bikes until she collapsed will soon be leaving critical care.

A couple of Good Samaritans came to the aid of Penelope Thursday night. The dog was forced to run until she collapsed and then the rescuers who saved her said the men on the bikes beat her and left her for dead.

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Penelope was also forced to have multiple litters of puppies in a short amount of amount and the DDR says there are major concerns about her uterus and she may need surgery to correct the neglect she's been put through. On top of that, she also has heartworm which complicates matters even more.

"These Good Samaritans rushed in, got the dog, called the Detroit Dog Rescue because she wasn't drinking water, couldn't get up, she was panting. She was in pretty bad shape. She gave up, she gave out. She does have a prolapsed uterus, her electrolytes were extremely low, she has heartworm so she has parasites around her heart. She had nothing left to give. So when she would not obey them and get back up, that's when they began beating her," DDR director Kristina Rinaldi said.

It happened Thursday night on Detroit's eastside at St. Paul and Bellvue. She didn't have any identificaiton and was named Penelope by vet technicians. The five-year-old pit bull mix is now in the care of Oakland Veterinary Referral Services in Bloomfield Hills and is getting the car and medical attnetions she needs.

"She is the sweetest dog. When I got a call at 630 in the morning from the doctor, she was very happy to see the doctor. She's been very sweet with all the techs. I have a very special tech named Tracy that has texted me all night and everybody has just enjoyed loving on her. She's just a very sweet girl," Rinaldi said.

According to Rinaldi, Penelope is expected to leave critical care on Monday and go to a primary care physician to discuss surgery and her future.

The DDR, veterinarians, and techs all hope she makes a full recovery and will be adopted out to a loving family.

Penelope is not available for adoption at this time but you can help her road to recovery by clicking here.