Dog shelter leader accused of killing pit bulls says she was being sarcastic

A metro Detroit woman that runs an animal shelter is being accused of killing pit bulls.

The accusations started after the accused, Ann Marie Rogers of No place like home rescue of Michigan, made a comment on social media. 

The message, which was reportedly written by Rogers, said that she was killing the dogs by the thousands.

Rogers declined to speak on camera, but said she was obviously being sarcastic. She also released this statement:

"We are very concerned," Kristina Rinaldi of Detroit Dog Rescue told FOX 2, "We have been keeping tabs on it, we have been looking into it and it's really disturbing."

Others also spoke out about the statement.

"So she's saying that she didn't mean it? That she just thought it was funny? I don't find that funny either," said Theresa Sumpter of Detroit Pit Crew.

There are several negative stories about pit bulls on the shelter's Facebook page, which Rogers runs, but she told FOX 2 she would never purposely hurt them.

Although Rogers says the allegations of her killing pit bulls are false the Detroit Dog Rescue is not taking it lightly.

Representatives said there is an open investigation with her name on it.