Domestic violence suspect attacks police with frying pan

A dangerous situation in Huron Township when police responded to a domestic violence call and a suspect went berserk.

Stacy Satterlee used anything and everything he could to attack police, even his own body.

"This is not a normal occurrence for us to have an officer attacked like that," said Sgt. Robert Kelch.

Meet the knife-wielding, jump-kicking, and frying pan throwing man who is now enjoying a stay in the county clink after attacking police.

"We've had numerous contact at the house in the past," Kelch said. "Nothing in this nature where it escalated this quick."

Two officers responded to a domestic violence call at this house where Satterlee, 29, allegedly roughed up his girlfriend and confronted cops with a frying pan in hand.

"The suspect threw a frying pan at one of the officers," Kelch said.

A metal dumbbell followed and words were exchanged.

"He charged an officer, kicked him in the chest knocking him to the ground," Kelch said. "During the struggle they realized he had a pocket knife in his hand during the handcuff situation. He kept fighting with officers."

One of the officers was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"It could have escalated to something a whole lot worse in a hurry," Kelch said.

So how come it did not?

"These officers used great restraint on what they did, but they could have been justified to use deadly force, yes," Kelch said. "And they didn't. They were able to arrest the subject and do what they needed to do."

Satterlee is facing two felonies and misdemeanor domestic violence charge.