Donald Trump in Novi talks jobs, Clinton to crowd of 7,000

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was back in Michigan Friday.

At a rally in Novi, he promised to rebuild Detroit and the state.

Seven thousand attended the rally and many more were outside the Suburban Collection Showplace.

"This is a Trump rally," said Rudy Giuliani.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani warmed up the crowd for Donald Trump who came out to deliver a high energy one-hour speech.

"It's time to rebuild Michigan and we're not letting them take your jobs out of Michigan any longer," Trump said.

The crowd was with Trump every step of the way.

"Hillary Clinton has made a living raking in donations from special interests that have raided our factories and ripped the jobs right out of Michigan," Trump said.

We asked you---how did Trump's speech play?

"Donald Trump has been real to me and I like him for what he is," said Michael Miller.

"I have definitely have made up my mind I am voting for Donald Trump," said Leanne Fisk. "We are a military family and we love the values and the principles that Mr. Trump stands for."

"I'm Chaldean we are Christian people from Iraq and we love Trump because he wants to keep Christianity alive," said Nidal Marouf.

"I'm going to vote for Trump because we need a strong leader and we need a change in the direction of where we're going," said Marcus Ingram.

"We have to do something," said Woneta Denhke. "Michigan has been in a deficit for such a long time. We have friends, families that have lost their jobs, lost their homes working two  jobs as Donald Trump has said, we need to make a change and hopefully bring some of those jobs back and keep them here in our state."