Downriver kids organize car wash for homeless man

A group of kids from Wyandotte banded together to help a homeless man in need.

Shannon Isa says the kids were out washing her car for fun, when a man named Larry rode up on his bike.

Isa tells FOX 2's Hannah Saunders that Larry had a heart attack a month ago, and while he was in the hospital his house burned down. He hasn't had anywhere to stay since then.

"I made him a big sandwich, a fruit cup and some yogurt and when I brought it out to him, he started crying, and I think that really touched everyone, all the kids especially," Isa says.

That got all the kids thinking, what if they were really able to help this man? The kids organized a big, neighborhood car wash for Larry, who Isa says is from River Rouge.

"We just asked the neighbor, Ms. Kelly, to clean her car for $5 for the [fundraiser]," says Joshua Cagle. Five dollars turned into $500 after the idea was shared on the Downriver and Friends Facebook Page.

"The kids are really excited; they're non stop. I thought they'd run out of steam by now, but, not so much," Isa says.

Larry will also soon be getting help from a local sheltar called Nimi's Mission.

"I'm really proud of the community for coming out and coming together to help this guy, and I can't wait for us to organize something for us to give this to him," Isa says.