Downriver police chase ends with deadly crash as car flips, catches fire

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A dangerous high-speed chase Downriver, leads to the death of a 29-year-old Lincoln Park man.

Two people inside a speeding car flee police ending in a violent crash, killing the passenger with the driver under arrest. It started Monday night in Wyandotte and ended in Lincoln Park when the car flipped and caught fire.

"The officers attempted to stop them, the vehicle accelerated and refused to stop," said Wyandotte Police Chief Dan Grant. "As they got into Lincoln Park, (the car) started to smoke a little bit and it wasn't running very well. The officer was able to push his push bumper up against the front driver's door and tried to stop the vehicle."

The aftermath could be found at Fort and Capital in Lincoln Park. A passenger in the Chevrolet Suburban that crashed into this restaurant sign, died.

Wyandotte police say a 33-year-old driver was without a license and is homeless. Police believe he was driving under the influence which may have been why he was running from them.

Grant said the suspect will be facing numerous charges

"Not only with the traffic offenses but being involved in an accident which resulted in a fatality," Grant said.

The chase was only a few miles in length. It started in Wyandotte and ended at the Dix Coney Island. The victim, Joshua Nance, was ejected from the Suburban and he died at the scene.

The Suburban caught on fire. The driver had a short time frame to get out of the burning car. Police got him out but he showed no signs of cooperating.

"The driver was kicking and I know when they tried to get him into the patrol vehicle he was kicking at the door, trying to break the windows out of the car," Grant said. "They touched the Taser to his neck."

The SUV belonged to Nance and the two were friends. The driver admitted to using drugs and appeared intoxicated.

"He had drug paraphernalia on his person," Grant said. "He admitted that he does smoke crack cocaine and had been drinking alcohol earlier in the day."