Downriver vet starts to get help after losing everything in fire

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There was a major outpouring of support for a Downriver veteran, who lost everything in a house fire, even his dentures. 

Now he's getting many of the things he needs thanks to some generous FOX 2 viewers.

"I had nothing. I lost everything," Ron Bryant said.

It was a dark day in Ron's life when the Vietnam vet crossed paths with FOX  2, just one day after his home in Flat Rock caught fire. When the flames broke out Bryant was asleep, a neighbor saw smoke and rushed over to help. 

"They came over beat on his door and alerted him to the fire, and got him out - we thank them very, very much," said Flat Rock Fire Chief William Vack.

"I walked out on the sidewalk and it was just a glow and smoke," Ron said.

His life was spared, but everything he had was gone. 

"We saw you guys doing the story on FOX 2 and we said we've got to do something about this," said Jim O'Brien, radio host of "Big Jim's House" 94.7.

Being a radio DJ, O'Brien has the ways and means to help and put out a call out to his listeners. 

"One gentlemen offered up his entire house that he had stocked up for his dad who unfortunately had passed away recently," said O'Brien. "So we've got furniture, couches and stuff. We're going to fill up this warehouse and hook up Ron with all this stuff."

But he felt compelled to help the Vietnam vet for another reason as well - O'Brien himself is a 9-year Navy veteran. 

"It bothers me honestly that we don't take better care of our veterans," he said. "And to see something like this - it shouldn't be like this."

He says if everyone that can help, does, it will send a strong message to a man who could use a little support right now. 

"We just want Ron to know that he's not alone," O'Brien said. "He doesn't have family here. He is a Vietnam vet and we need to let him know we care about our vets here in Detroit."

A non-profit group called Downriver for Veterans is spearheading the fundraising campaign.  You can donate a few different ways starting with the Pay-Pal account HERE that was set up through Downriver for Veterans. To learn more about the group or donate to it, go to

You can also donate by going to the Downriver for Veterans Facebook page HERE.

To donate items that Ron needs, CLICK HERE to email Ann from Downriver for Veterans.