Downtown Boxing Gym helps children in need, but needs donations for computers for kids

"It is tough because they love sitting down they love talking to that mentor getting things off their chest or want to learn," said Janine Cain.

She says her five children ages 6 to 16 love to learn - and thanks to the support of the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit, they are excelling in academics and athletics.

But now the COVID-19 outbreak has forced her family to make tough choices. Mom needs her computer to work from home and all of the kids are sharing one smart phone for online schooling and the services they still receive from the Downtown Boxing Gym. 

It's been challenging to say the least. 
"I pray to God I do have wonderful children but it is not easy to see the sadness on their face, when you say no for something they are trying to learn," Cain said.

"Technology has been a huge challenge, also just the trauma the families are facing for many of our families they were forced to lose their jobs or the first to go to work and worrying about bringing the virus home. There are multiple family members living in the house, and passing that from family member to family member," said Jessica Hauser.

Hauser and Khali Sweeney have been forced to shut down the Downtown Boxing Gym, but they are still serving the families of 150 students.

They are providing care packages of food and essential supplies on top of tutoring, mentoring, social and emotional support and physical fitness - all done online.

"Laptops would be the top priority right now, like she said you can't do the work from your phone, you can't manipulate the screens," said Sweeney.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District is working to close the digital divide. On Friday it announced a $23 million donation will put tablets with high speed internet in the hands of more than 50,000 students. 

But the Downtown Boxing Gym is trying to help families right now - like the Cains - who have multiple students in one home.

"It would be a tremendous blessing to me and parents like me who are working so hard, so children don't fall behind in school system don't fall behind in the school system, they don't fall behind on their lessons," Cain said. "I pray someone has it in their heart and their pocketbook to bless the Downtown Boxing Gym and any other foundation you can, to speed up the process."

The Downtown Boxing Gym plans to continue to serve the needs of the students so they are ready to return to school in the fall stronger and smarter than ever. 

If you would like to donate money or even a laptop - log onto their website