DPD arrests Black Lives Matter protesters for chaining selves to front door of 3rd Precinct

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About six people chained themselves to the front door of the Detroit Police's Third Precinct station front door  Wednesday night.

The protesters were arrested for trespassing and for blocking the entrance by police after taking part in a rally with other community groups for Aiyana Jones, reports Dave Spencer.

Between 75 to 100 people took part in the rally for Jones on what would be her 14th birthday. Jones was killed in a shooting by Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley during a 2010 police raid.

Weekley said in court many times it was an accident and she was struggling with the grandmother of the little girl when the gun went off. He was never convicted of wrongdoing and has been restored back to active duty with the Detroit Police Department.

The protest remained peaceful, but largely dispersed after the arrest, Spencer said. The arrested protesters were transferred to the Detroit Detention Center on Mound Road.

Dave Spencer will have more tonight at 10 and 11 p.m.