DPD cruiser crashes with woman's car along 7 Mile, ripping her door off

Authorities are investigating after a Detroit police cruiser was involved in a crash late Monday night.

The crash happened at the intersection of 7 Mile and Wyoming just before midnight. No one was critically hurt, but one woman was taken to the hospital. 

Karen Hopwood told FOX 2 she was heading south on Wyoming when a DPD cruiser slammed into the side of her car. The entire rear side door on the driver's side was ripped off. 

"I had the green light; they had no sirens, no lights, no nothing on. They said they were in pursuit of going somewhere fast, but, I guess human lives don't matter. Or innocent people don't matter anymore," she told us. 

Detroit Police say the officers disregarded the traffic signal. Police say their scout car was heavily damaged, too, but the officers weren't hurt. 

The woman was driven to the hospital by her family. Police say she told them she was having head, back and leg pain on the left side of her body. She's in stable condition right now. 

Police didn't elaborate on where the officers were headed at the time of the crash, but other police cars and officers came to the scene and were there when FOX 2 was.

One of those officers who responded to the accident tells FOX 2 they offered the woman medical attention several times, but she refused. The officer also says the offending officers didn't leave the scene, and that a supervisor also came out. 

This is a developing story. Stay with FOX 2 for updates.