DPD helps families and a local restaurant during COVID by spreading Christmas joy

Detroit Police are working hard to spread Christmas joy this year throughout the city.

Captain Gerry Johnson says, "We're giving away toys, board games, books, jackets, thanks to the Michigan Department of Corrections."

One local mom LaChera Ellis and her kids were one of the hundreds of families to receive gifts Tuesday. 

Ellis lost her house due to a recent fire and had to use most of her money to buy a new one. 

" Our Christmas was a little short this year but they are thankful that we got a house now. I think that's the best Christmas they can have," says Ellis. 

Not only are families getting help this Christmas but a small business as well. 

The owner of  Trattoria Serventi, Joe Serventi was asked to serve meals from his restaurant. 

"We're delivering 730 meals that feed four. The Van Elslander Foundation was kind enough to use us to prepare meals for the community," said Serventi. 

Serventi says he is grateful that he can help out others and keep some of his employees working during COVID.  

It's community helping community. 

"You can't be the police unless you have community engagement and right here is the perfect example of community engagement, " says Johnson.