DPD Officer on admin leave after drunken bar incident

For the second time this week, a Detroit Police Officer is in big trouble for allegedly drinking with a department issued gun. 

The signs outside Alibi Bar in Warren read “no drama” but there was plenty of it on Wednesday night. That’s when a Detroit cop was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. 

Bargoers say the officer brandished a revolver and threatened to shoot a man. Some people in the bar say he was so out of control that customers were forced to subdue and disarm him. 

Sources tell FOX 2, the off duty cop blew a .240 in a breath test, which is nearly three times the legal alcohol limit. 

“He should be held accountable just like anybody else,” said bargoer Kenny. “He is supposed to be a representative of the authority that we are supposed to live by.”

The alleged drunken antics at Alibi followed the arrest and arraignment of Detroit Police Commander, Johnny Thomas. 

Thomas was accused of causing an injury accident while driving drunk in his department vehicle last week. 

“Another troubling, disappointing incident involving a Detroit Police Officer,” said Detroit Police Chief James Craig. “Really enough is enough. This officer is held to a higher standard. You can't go out, consume the amount of alcohol the investigation is showing, armed with a gun. You just can't do it.  You're going to be held accountable.”

The officer is currently on admin leave as DPD conducts internal investigation. Meantime, Warren PD is handling the criminal investigation.