DPD release photo of suspect who asked seniors for DNA swabs at complex

Scam artists took aim at seniors living at the Friendship Meadows complex in Detroit.

They went door-to-door asking for Social Security numbers, Medicaid info and even asked some alleged victims for DNA swabs. And now the complex, located on Leland Street, has ramped up security.

"We had a meeting about letting people in the door and if you don't know them and they aren't a relative or anything, don't buzz them in," said resident Michael Ervin.

A couple weeks ago the people living there came in contact with some strangers asking personal questions. 

"Two guys knocked on my door and came to my apartment and they asked about Medicare," said Richard McTere.

"Somebody buzzed him in, he knocked on the door and said he was from Medicaid," Ervin said.

Detroit police were called, and after interviewing potential victims, said they didn’t just stop at requesting info - and asked for DNA swabs.

Police released a picture as a potential suspect saying he could be from the Chicago area and drove away in a blue Lincoln Navigator. 

Those people we spoke with say there at least two people knocking on doors working together. Anyone who knows who they are should Detroit police or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.