DPD search for suspects in east side party store killing

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A murder outside Detroit party store when the victim, was led out at gunpoint, then murdered inside his own vehicle.

The victim was 36-year-old Norman Walker, shot and killed late Tuesday night outside Jane's Liquor Store at the corner of Charlevoix and Van Dyke on Detroit's east side. The suspect is still at large.

Police believe the two suspects drove away in a maroon or burgundy Chrysler 200.

"It was unnecessary," said Walker's niece. "The violence is getting out of control."

Norman Walker leaves behind 3 children, two sons and a daughter, ages 2, 9, and 12.

"He worked hard, he was a good father to his kids," his sister said. "He loved his family." BLACK SHOES

Detroit Police want you to take a good look at the surveillance video showing one of the two men taking Walker out of the store at gunpoint, before the guy shot him in the parking lot.

Walker's niece and sister who did not want their faces shown are just trying to make sense of what has happened.

"We have no details as to what happened," said his niece. "We just saw the video of inside the store. I just know he tried to get away. It looks like the truck ran into the store. The truck was still in drive."

The sister and niece said Walker was known to be a handyman in the neighborhood, and he had been making positive strides in his life.

"He was trying to get his lawn service going, working long hours to save his money up," his niece said. "And I just saw him cutting grass last week, and I just did a wave and rolled by. That's the last time I saw him."

Although Detroit police are only releasing a short clip of the surveillance video, we do know Walker had a physical confrontation with one of the men in the store, before one suspect pulled out a gun and walked him out.

Another relative says there may have been a confrontation outside the store between the two suspects and one of Walker's friends. When Walker walked out of the store and heard what happened, he apparently went back inside to confront them leading to this tragedy.

FOX 2: What lesson can be taken away from this, how important is it to walk away?"

"Very," said his sister. "Life is too short and people don't realize it. Be here (rather than) gone tomorrow."

Norman Walker leaves behind 3 children, two sons and a daughter, ages 2, 9, and 12.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral expenses and to help provide for his kids.