DPD searches for vehicle in fatal hit and run where man was dumped in alley

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The search continues for the driver who hit and killed a man then tried to cover it up by dumping the victim's body in an alley.

Police have received some tips and even found a car they thought to be involved - but it didn't pan out. Now investigators are hoping somebody else knows or sees something.

Detroit Police blocked off an area on Detroit's east side Thursday morning around a crumpled Chevrolet Cavalier. They were under the belief that it was the car that hit and killed Bruce Key as he was walking out of a Detroit party store.

It wasn't - but Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody doesn't want this to deter other tipsters to call about the heinous crime.

"Not only did they not stop, but they took him to another location that was out of the way where no one would have seen him and dumped his body," he said.

Key was hit by a speeding car on Michigan Ave on Tuesday night. The driver kept going for at least two blocks with him on the hood before eventually stopping near a grocery store and dumping Key's body at Michigan Avenue and Martin.

"It's just one of those particular situations that you just can't get your head around," Woody said. "For somebody to do that, it's very cold, very calculated."

On Thursday, a neighbor called in a red Cavalier she thought was involved. That caller was Dorothy Buchanon who is keeping an eye out about who was driving and committed the unimaginable crime.

"That's just really atrocious that you would just kill somebody and then throw them off the windshield. That's crazy," Buchanon said.

The car lead dried up and Detroit police say they're still working on a suspect description. They urge any and all tips to be called in.

"We can't do our jobs without the assistance of our community and the support from our community so this is just yet another example of why we need their help," Woody said.

The car is similar to the one called in: it's red, compact, and has recent front-end and windshield damage.