DPS board member: Warnings about Pugh were ignored

The civil trial against Charles Pugh continues in Detroit federal court. The former city council president is accused of grooming young men into performing sexual acts.

Earlier this week, the Detroit school district reached a $350,000 settlement in that case. Now, some members of the Detroit Board of Education are expressing their disapproval over the reached settlement, saying they warned DPS emergency managers about Pugh and told them they saw something like this coming. They say, though, that officials looked the other way.

"We're here on camera, in public, and I would swear this in a court - that we warned him. They knew. And they didn't care. And they can deny it, and they have to pay out of our money, our children's classroom money; they're going to pay the settlement to that child,"  Elena Herrada said. "It will not make him whole. It will not restore him, and who knows how many more will come forward."

She added that if they were asked to vote on the settlement, they would have voted down because they say the cash-strapped district simply cannot afford it.

Meanwhile, in court, one young man claimed Pugh paid him $600 to videotape himself. Pugh admitted to the act in a taped deposition, which was shown to the jury Thursday.

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