DPS students who wrote to President Obama receive response

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Two high school students sent a letter to the White House asking President Obama to help fix Detroit's public school crisis.

They first shared their story last month with FOX 2 and now there's an update - from the commander-in-chief himself.

Imagine getting a letter from the president of United States in response to your invitation for him to see DPS for himself.

"I'm really happy and honored that he would be presidential enough to let us know something back," said DeMarcus Taylor.

On May 4 these Martin Luther King High School students wrote a letter to President Obama. So many students want to show Obama the problems in DPS schools.

"Lack of teachers, too Jaylin Harris, Martin Luther King student. "We have students who can't control the classroom."

The suspense is killing me. Is the president going to come to DPS? No?

FOX 2: "The President is not coming, are you sad?"

"Not really, because President Obama gets a bunch of letters," said student Kamari McHenry. "He took the time out to write us back. It is just an honor to have this piece of paper in my hand."

So what words of wisdom did President Obama tell the students?

"'A good education is not just the best investment you can make in your future, it is the best investment our country can make,'" Taylor read from the letter.