DRAW helping victims of Lee County tornado in Alabama

After a tornado ran through Lee County Alabama, killing 23 people this weekend, Greg Martin of Disaster Relief at Work got to work.

"If we can't fix their problems, we can bring a little bit of hope whcih is for them an air bubble whenyou're underwater," said Martin. "It's a second oxygen and hopefully what we do helps them toward recovery."

Martin started DRAW to help communities hit by disasters. 

One of those ways is through the Coffee Bucket, an Airport Road non-profit coffee shop that donates 100 percent of its proceeds to causes like helping the victims in Alabama. If it's not money, then every day items like toothbrushes, towels, razors and soap are also donated. 

Martin sees the Salvation Army and Red Cross as providers of shelter and food. But DRAW can send the basics you'd find at any store. 

"Those supplies will be assembled into buckets that we will send," Martin said, "and you can also go on either Facebook or Instagram or our website and see times where you can volunteer at a warehouse and assemble the buckets..."

Head to Drawbuckets.org for more info.