Drew Crew charity golf scramble for spinal injury survivor and others in the same battle, is back

The annual Drew Crew Golf Scramble, a fundraiser for Drew Clayborn and others with spinal cord injuries, is coming up and it may be the most important one yet.

Because living with a spinal cord injury - is incredibly expensive, Drew, now 26, has been paralyzed since an accident in high school. He suffered a broken neck from a backflip 11 years ago.

"The goal for this golf scramble - and it looks like we may meet it, selling all these tickets - is $40,000," Drew said.

And with changes to insurance, this fundraiser is more important than ever for Drew this year - so much funding goes into keeping him and others with his challenges, alive and well.

"There's a lot that goes into living with a spinal cord injury and one of the biggest is having staff so you can do everything," he said.

Last year the scramble was called off due to the pandemic and a can and bottle drive was held.

"It will be such an amazing experience to actually be able to socialize and drink, and have fun with everybody again," said Drew.

The scramble itself on July 17th at the Brentwood Golf Club in Commerce Township is sold out. But you can still purchase tickets for the dinner and they have to sell out the helicopter ball drop in order to meet their goal.

"We've got a thousand golf balls that we are going to be dropping from a helicopter onto a green at our golf outing," Drew said.

The three balls that land closest to the hole wins $3,000, $1500, and $750 each ticket is only $20.

"Every $20 is a step closer to our goal so that I can not only help myself, but others with spinal cord injuries," he said.

Drew is incredibly healthy, but he is completely dependant on a ventilator to breathe to survive. He must have nursing care 24 hours a day, costing more than $30,000 every month - not to mention so many other expenses.

But their coverage doesn't cover everything, and that's where the ball drop - and you - can help make up the difference.

"Our goal is always to make more than what he needs so we can help others. We don't retain it.," said Ledon Clayborn. "If his life calls for $30,000 and we make $45,000, we are going to bless somebody with $15,000. We are going to help others."

"We always continue to fundraise more money to help other people as well," said Tracie Clayborn, Drew's mother.

Drew's parents, who are busy getting everything ready for the ball drop, now just need Drew to sell a few more tickets.

For more information go to  TheDrewCrew.org