Drive-thru pot dispensaries being debated

City council is hosting a public hearing to get input on new guidelines for city pot retailers. One councilman, George Cushingberry, wants to make it easier for marijuana dispensaries to offer drive-thru services. He has supporters who agree with him.

"I need medical marijuana, and I need safe access for it," said supporter Rudy Gamma.

He wants the medical marijuana ordinance in Detroit to be fair. Fair to him means allowing shops to open where people need them most.

"I don't want to drive into industrial areas. That's pretty much it. We want to have wiser, safe access for people to go purchase liquor, at a liquor store on every corner," said Gamma.

The council took public comment Monday and talked about an ordinance to regulate the way medical marijuana shops are able to operate in Detroit. Councilman James Tate wants stricter regulations, making sure the shops aren't too close to one another, limiting the number of them in one area. He wants 2,000 feet between the shops. Cushingberry wants it to be closer to 500 feet.

The other issue is drive-thru dispensaries. Supporters say there would still be laws that govern how the dispensaries run, but those against it don't see a need for it. They say that it's a medical building just like a hospital or doctor's office, and those places don't have drive-thru services.

This ordinance will continue to be debated and then it will go into committee. They'll talk about it some more, then they'll bring it back to the council for further discussion and public comment.

When they come up with the list of the way it's going to look, they'll decide on whether to vote yay or nay on that. It'll likely go into effect closer to Thanksgiving time.