Driver hit by Wayne County Sheriff's car says deputy ran intersection no lights, siren on

Bruce Robinson says his car was hit by a sheriff’s patrol car in the intersection of Van Born and Middle Belt. It was just before 6 p.m. Monday when out of nowhere it happened.

"I'm just getting off of work coming down Van Born," said Robinson. "He was in a Wayne County Sheriff car, he blew through this red light on Middle Belt and as I was going he hit me. He knocked me off the road until someone else hit my car."

The victim says the second vehicle left the scene, but the deputy approached him.

"He admitted that he was in the wrong," he said. "He said 'Sorry Mr. Robinson my bad, are you okay? I didn’t see you, I was trying to go to a call.'"

Robinson alleges that were no sirens and no lights being used by the responding car. The deputy was injured and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Robinson says he was injured also.

"The top of my foot got smashed in the accident, and it’s hurting they have a boot on it," he said. "Once I got out, I noticed all the damage on the car."

Officials tell FOX 2 the deputy was heading to assist Inkster police.

Wayne County Sheriff Raphael Washington said the crash is under investigation.

"It will be investigated and we’ll figure out what happened and if there’s any policy issues that happened, we will deal with that," he said. "And if there’s not will let everyone know that as well."

The incident is being investigated by Westland police - in a statement, the Deputy Chief tells Fox 2

"The crash involved an on-duty Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy who was responding to assist another officer.  The Deputy’s vehicle had a collision with another vehicle.  The Deputy was found not to be at fault for the collision."

But an account from a witness at the scene support’s the victim’s story.

"He had the red light and the other guy he hit had the green light. And the officer did not have lights or siren when he was coming through the intersection," the witness said.

The victim also says if that deputy was heading to Inkster to assist with a call he was heading the wrong way.

"They were saying he was on his way to Inkster But Inkster is this way and he was heading this way to Romulus," Robinson said.

Fox 2 reached out to Westland Police for additional information and we are waiting on a response.. Robinson says he has reached out to an attorney.

"I hope I can see some sort of justice for what happened," Robinson said. "I’m thankful to be alive."