Driver in critical condition after crashing on I-94, exiting vehicle and being struck again

Vehicle crash on I-94.

A two-car crash on I-94 early Friday morning has left one person in critical condition after being struck while crossing the freeway following the collision.

The early-morning crash happened near Harper Avenue in the westbound freeway lanes.

Police were dispatched around 12:15 a.m. following reports that someone had been ejected from their car. More investigation revealed that the at-fault driver fled the scene. Additionally, the second vehicle involved was blocking the center lane. 

The driver of the second vehicle had gotten out of the car and started to cross the freeway when he was struck again. 

The second impact is believed to have sent the victim airborne, over the median wall, and land in the left land of eastbound I-94.

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The man is now hospitalized in critical condition at a hospital. The driver that struck the pedestrian was not hurt. 

The driver of the at-fault vehicle in the crash fled while the other driver was struck after exiting his car and crossing I-94. 

Both sides of the freeway were closed for investigation. The at-fault driver has still not been located.