Driver runs from pileup scene, second car hits Macomb County deputy

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office is looking for the woman who caused a five car pileup that included a deputy vehicle being hit on I-94 on Tuesday.

The four-car accident happened on Tuesday night on I-94 near North River Road. Deputies responded and dashcam video shows the deputy getting out of his squad car to pick up debris.

Seconds later, a driver smashes into the back of the car. The roads were snowy and slick but Captain Dave Daniels said the deputies actions kept this from being significantly worse.

"Thankfully and luckily - two things happened: One, he was out of the vehicle, the second thing is that he had enough forethought to position his vehicle far enough back from the initial incident which protected our deputies and civilians that were involved in the original four-car accident," Daniels said.

Deputies said the original pileup was caused by a woman driving a Dodge Durango and witnesses said she bolted from the scene immediately after the crash.

"Ran down the embankment into Harrison township, our deputies gave pursuit once they got on the scene and were told by people involved in the accident where she he fled," Daniels said.

Deputies searched the area with K9's but couldn't find her. However, they were able to identify her and have a warrant.

Nobody was hurt in the pileup or in the deputy-involved crash. The car that hit the deputy vehicle was totaled in the accident and Daniels said the driver was going too fast for the conditions.

"What we want to stress to the public is that when you see patrolmen and you see scout cars there, try not to focus on the lights, because that's what happens: people get tunnel vision, they look at the lights, and ultimately start drifting that way," Daniels said.

It's also a good reminder to give deputies extra space when their lights are on.