Driver slams into market on Detroit's east side

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It's not the phone call any store manager wants to receive.

“We got a call from my alarm my store was broken in,” Mike Shina said.

The general manager of Imperial Fresh Markets says when he went to his store around 4 am Sunday morning he realized it was more than your average break-in.

“They just rammed the car in here and the car got stuck,” Shina said. 

Mike Shina says the driver attempted to back the vehicle out of the building but was unsuccessful, that's when Shina says the driver was spotted on surveillance video.

“He was running around the parking lot trying to find his phone so his phone was in the car and then he left going straight on Mound,” he said.

Shina says police arrived on scene to investigate but he says no merchandise was stolen.
The general manager also says this is the second time a driver rammed into his store and did not take anything, the first time was last December. 

“They rammed a truck in here a plow truck into building and luckily nobody got hurt, same spot,” he said.

The manager of the store says he's now taking steps to make sure an incident like this does not happen again.

“We're going to have to protect ourselves and install these poles in, all the way down to make sure that this does not happen again, only way to make sure these cars don't ram into the building.”