Driver told cops he drank, took Xanax, Ecstasy before hitting 4 people

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A speeding pickup truck plows into a crowd of pedestrians in Detroit hitting four people and injuring three.

The driver hit the crowd on Canfield near Cass at 5:30 Thursday afternoon, and police say he was under the influence. He told them he drank alcohol, took Xanax and Ecstasy.

Three pedestrians were taken to the hospital, with one of them in critical condition.

"A 70-year-old man was hurt very badly," said witness Kevin Brown. "They don't know if he's going to make it or not."

The victims were standing near some Tesla show cars in front of the Traffic Jam & Snug restaurant when the driver of a blue pickup truck drove right into them.

Mike Charles was riding inside the truck.

"I noticed that he was veering over to the left," Charles said. "Like, crossing the line and I'm yelling 'Marky, Marky;' I see the people. Next thing I know, I see an older white guy push off the car - and by this time it's too late."

Police say the driver tried to leave the scene but Charles, who was in the passenger seat and claims to be the man's uncle, kept him from doing so.

"I reach over and try to put the car in park," he said. "Because he won't hit the brake."

One of the victims refused medical treatment at the scene. A 65-year-old man and woman are in temporary serious condition and a 73-year-old man was critically injured.