Driver who ran red light killed in crash on Detroit's west side

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A 23-year old driver was killed Thursday evening on Detroit's west side after speeding through an intersection and colliding with another vehicle that had the right of way.

"Somebody disregarding a red light had to get somewhere quick and ended up paying for it," said Detroit Police Capt. Darrell Patterson.

It was a fatal car crash involving three men in their 20s on Detroit's west side that could have been prevented. The incident happened Thursday night at the intersection of Greenfield and Tireman near the Citgo gas station.

Police say a Ford Flex was going through a green light eastbound on Tireman when a Chevy Trax traveling southbound on Greenfield ran a red light. Investigators say the driver of the Ford Flex, who had the right of way, hit the Chevy Trax.

The Trax driver, a 23-year-old man, was pronounced dead on the scene. The driver of the Ford Flex was only mildly injured.

"The car rolled over and when into the gas station as you can see over here," Patterson said. "One of the occupants of the Trax that ran the red light was ejected from the vehicle. Fortunate for him, he is listed in stable condition."

Blood tests will determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.