'Drums Alive' lets you keep the beat while working out

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The music is rocking and so is this class, which is like no exercise commonly seen before. 

The "Drums Alive" class at the Jewish Community Center forces you to keep the beat with drumsticks, while moving your body at the same time. 

It is quite a workout, just ask Reva Talon who's 86 years old.

"It's good for our body and brain," she said. "And we're having fun. 

"The movement with the drum sticks, the posture, the squats, it works the whole body," said Sheila Jerard. "And that's why I love it."

The woman leading the class is Dena Raptis she's got rhythm, strength, coordination and surprisingly, she's got Multiple Sclerosis. 

"I couldn't walk when I was first diagnosed in 1996," Raptis said. "It was a huge shock when they told me I had MS. I didn't want to believe it."

 It is hard for anyone to believe when you see her in action. MS effects the central nervous system meaning it can effect the body and brain. 

But it doesn't stop Dena.   

"I have weakness, just on my left side," she said. "It doesn't effect right side. It effects my gait. I can't run anymore. I can still ride a bike, I can still swim, I can do aqua aerobics and I can do Drums Alive."

Deena Centofanti jumped in and put her rhythm to the test, 

"My first attempt isn't pretty,  it challenges you physically and mentally," she said. 

 Dena is one of the few Drums Alive instructors in our area, but she hopes to change that. 

She's also got a Team Walk MS Detroit on Sunday. 

Look for Dena's Warriors and Anquiette Jamison and Jay Towers at the Comerica Park event. CLICK HERE for more information.