Drunk drivers pulled over with AK-47 and pot inside car in Plymouth

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Police in Plymouth say two men pulled over were drunk had pot and an AK-47 in the car. Now those men are facing a long list of charges.

Residents called 911 reporting seeing a man on a parking structure rooftop with an AK-47 in his lap.

The man's AK had 20 rounds of ammunition. Meanwhile, Plymouth police were just getting into patrol cruisers to start their night shifts.

"They headed over to the parking structure," said Al Cox, Plymouth Public Safety director.

Police move quickly as the car is leaving the parking ramp and the passenger is seated with them AK rifle just as reported.

"He was seated in the car like this, muzzle pointing up," Cox said. "All the windows were open on the car - looking in this is what they saw."

It is not illegal to have a rifle, but it should be in the trunk, it can't be in the front seat with ammunition.-And on top of that? Police say the two guys in the car were drunk with an open bottle of vodka and 2.5 grams of marijuana.

"They were both intoxicated I believe about three times the legal limit," Cox said. "

The AK, ammo, vodka and pot brought stiff charges for the 21-year-old male driver from Wixom and his 22-year-old passenger from Gaines in Genesee County.  But felony charges from Plymouth police were reduced down to misdemeanors by the Wayne County Prosecutor.

"We were hoping for felonies," Cox said. "That's not up to us. That's up to the prosecutor".

So what were these guys up to? Just doing something stupid or did they have a plan?

"There is a lot to this case it is very unsettling," Cox said. "There is no connection why they should have been in Plymouth."

They both bonded out on misdemeanors and will be arraigned May 9.