Drunk man with boat of women pepper-sprayed by cops after causing restaurant disturbance

A serene Sunday afternoon at the Waterfront Restaurant in Wyandotte was interrupted by wild and crazy boaters.

"A gentleman and five or six younger women were dancing," said Jennifer Carlson, general manager. The women were twerking in skimpy bikinis while onlookers brunched.

"It was disgusting, flat out," Carlson said. 

Carlson says they came inside and tried to get a table, became belligerent with staff for having to wait - all while being intoxicated. They were with the captain of the boat, who police say is 65-year-old Kenneth Cook. 

"At one point I thought one of the women were going to fight me when I turned around," she said. 

When Carlson eventually denied them service and called police, it got out of control.

"It's scary. You don't know if they have a gun or a knife," Carlson said.

Wyandotte police got there and Cook allegedly pulled the anchor up and sped off in his boat, shouting obscenities and flipping officers off. 

"No not at all (acceptable), we are a lot classier than that," Carlson said.

Several Coast Guard boats and Wayne County Sheriff Marine Units zeroed in on Cook and the ladies, eventually surrounding them several miles up the river near the Ambassador Bridge.

Police say Cook was handcuffed but started resisting and had to be pepper sprayed. He was given a $10,000 bond and is expected to be in court next week.

"That's what you deserve I'm glad you got busted," Carlson said.

The captain was slapped with two felonies and Carlson says he and his friends aren't welcome here. 

"Don't come back to my restaurant," Carlson said.