Missing Na'Ziyah Harris: Loved ones protest outside court house for answers

A protest was held outside Frank Murphy Hall of Justice demanding answers in the case of Na’Ziyah Harris and hoping for charges.

"I’m saddened. everyone out here is concerned. it’s very hard," said Kewana, her cousin. "And we are not going to stop. That’s why we’re out here."

Kewana is Na’Ziyah Harris' cousin.

"My nickname for her was pretty eyes," she said. "It's what I called her."

But it has been four months since she has seen Na'Ziyah's eyes or the 13-year-old's smile.  

"What’s really hard is not being able to give her the proper homegoing she deserves," she said.

Na’Ziyah Harris was last seen getting off the school bus on Cornwell at Three Mile on Detroit’s east side, January 9th.

Police have scoured the city and other Metro Detroit communities in their exhaustive search.

Her family is struggling — but still praying that Na’Ziyah might still be alive.

"There’s reason for us to believe the worst. but we’re trying to hope for the best," said Kewana.

A possible lead — Detroit police now have a 41-year-old man in custody - but he has not been charged in Na’Ziyah’s disappearance.

FOX 2: "You think this is it?"

"I absolutely do," Kewana said.

"Obviously we’re not fully relieved because they haven’t charged him," said Roxy, a cousin of Na'Ziyah. "We don’t know if he has something to do with it or not. Obviously as her family, and what we know about him, we have our suspicions."

The unrelated charges the man is being held on are two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a person under 13 years old. He previously served seven years in prison for sexual involvement with a minor.

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Kewana says — she and other family members were wary of this man — and told Child Protective Services and police.

"I hope he never sees a day outside of prison," Kewana said. "I hope he never walks the streets again. Beyond Na’Ziyah, there’s other young ladies  - I'm not going to say any names on the record that he has hurt. I’m not gonna say any names - but he has. There’s many victims."

Kewana hopes anyone hurt by this man in question — comes forward, so he can face justice and potentially help Na’Ziyah’s case.

"They’re digging to get answers, but we want them and we want them quickened," she said. "They have him in custody. The gigs up. Let’s go. Let’s go with these charges."

You can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-Speak Up - there is a $4,000 reward on the line.