Drunk mom with baby in backseat going wrong way on I-75 charged

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Tonya Bertha

A woman drunk and speeding along I-75 going the wrong way.

Michigan State Police say a 27-year-old mother from Monroe County was traveling northbound on southbound I-75 near the 696 interchange in Royal Oak.

That mother, Tonya Bertha, has been charged in Ferndale District Court with operating under the influence of alcohol, resisting an officer and child endangerment.

After state police stopped the woman, they searched her car and found a 1-year-old baby boy sleeping in the backseat underneath a blanket.

"No car seat, no restraints just sleeping in the back seat," said Lt. Mike Shaw, Michigan State Police. "He appeared to be healthy and could communicate with the troopers."

State police determined the baby belonged to the woman. She was taken to the Oakland County Jail while the baby was taken into protective custody.

Meanwhile investigators are trying to figure exact where the woman got on the freeway, going the wrong way. They think it may have been miles away in downtown Detroit.

MDOT traffic cameras were especially helpful in the case.

"This as an area where we were able to use those traffic cameras," Shaw said. "They were able to focus in and locate where she was deploy troopers to that area."

Shaw says the woman gave troopers no explanation as to where she was going, why her baby wasnt properly restrained or why she was drunk behind the wheel.

"We're very fortunate with this one she didn't hit anybody," Shaw said. "You can guarantee if it is a wrong-way driver crash somebody is going to die in the crash. It could have been the child unrestrained or it could have been everyone involved."