DTE continuing with restoring power inDetroit, 24k remain without power

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92 percent of Southeast Michigan's power has been restored 

As of 9:30p.m. Sunday May 6, DTE Energy has restored power to more than 276,000 customers impacted by high winds that blew through Southeast Michigan on Friday.  

In a three-hour window, gusts of wind approaching 70 mph uprooted trees, took down power lines and caused an average of 1,000 outages per minute.

Some residents have experienced live wires near their homes.

"I noticed a whole bright light sparkle, so I run to the window and the whole sky was lit up, the two main wires to the pole was throwing sparks all on my garage, all on top of my house, and when I went back into the kitchen I could hear the meter surging and I could smell the acidity inside my home," Anne Johnson said.

DTE has been taping off areas where there are down wires, they say as a precaution you should assume any down wire is live and potentially dangerous.