DTE Foundation pledges $1M to domestic violence shelters to help those in need

The DTE Foundation is making a big commitment to the community, knowing that its influence goes far beyond energy.

"Domestic violence really hits close to home," said Trevor Lauer, DTE Energy President, and COO. "These are our family members, our co-workers, these are our neighbors."

On Tuesday the foundation announced its commitment to support domestic violence victims get back on their feet and reclaim their life. 

"We'll grant $1 million dollars to support domestic violence shelters and to empower survivors across Michigan," said Lynette Dowler, president, DTE Energy Foundation.

For Domestic violence shelters, the funding is needed now more than ever because the COVID-19 pandemic has limited their opportunities to do fundraising. 

"It will help us in our efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus and continue providing comprehensive services to survivors in our community," Sharman Davenport, CEO, Turning Point.

Services that help victims escape their torture. Charise, a domestic violence survivor, shared her story during the announcement's Zoom conference.

"Then comes a slap to the face, all I could register is shock as I felt completely vulnerable," she said. "Then he took out a belt."

That's why this survivor is grateful for organizations like DTE Foundation

In fact, this million-dollar donation comes less than one year after the foundation announced $400,000 in grants to support domestic violence shelters funded by the state. 

This year the need has increased due to the pandemic said Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist.

"We know that these are facing even more difficult circumstances during the pandemic," he said. "With the increased isolation, with the stay home, stay safe (order) to keep people healthy, the changes in school and job routines have made it more dangerous and in some cases, more difficult to get help."

"I think what we're trying to do is focus on how we are a force for good," Lauer said. "And this is a great example."