DTE warns of imposters posing as utility workers

A Washington Township home was robbed when a man impersonating a utility worker claimed he was there to repair a gas leak.

Once inside the home on Moon Creak Court near 26 Mile Road, the man pulled a gun on the woman. She pulled a knife and the man ran off. No one was harmed in the incident, but DTE has safety tips for homeowners.

"We're pleading with our customers -- if it doesn't feel right, do not let anybody in the door. Call our 800 number: 477-4747," said Michael Lynch, director of security at DTE. "At a minimum, ask for their identification. All employers are required to carry identification on them."

Scammers are also calling homes in a credit card rip-off. DTE suggests if someone calls claiming to be from DTE, people should take their bill and ask the caller to read their account number to them.