Ducktales: Pittsfield Twp firefighters rescue ducklings twice

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Firefighters in Pittsfield Township don't just save human lives, they go the extra mile to save other species in the animal kingdom, as well.

The firefighters were called to two heroic scenes this week - all to save feathered friends in a tight spot.

For years, Dorthia Glover has watched ducks make their home at the Hamptons of Cloverlane in Pittsfield Township. But this year, that changed when the geese showed up and chased the ducks into the sewer, not once, but twice.

"I helped them lift it up and they got out 8 the first time," Dorthia Glover said. "The 2nd time, which was the other day, we lifted that one up and a couple of them came out but they (the firefighters) went and broke this drain to get out the rest of them."

Dorthia said the geese attacked the ducks and the ducklings, leading to the ducks being trapped in the sewer twice already. So the people who lived in the apartment had to step in. They created a makeshift bridge to try and rescue the ducklings but when that didn't work, they called in the experts.

"My husband said lets call the fire department. Yeah! They'll do it," Glover said.

And they did. Without hesitation, they showed up and got to work. The trick? They had to bribe them with some dough.

"They brought some bread to put down the drain to try and coach them over on this side," Glover said.

One by one, the ducks were pulled to safety by the firefighters, making for a happy reunion for the ducks and the residents.