E. coli levels off the charts in areas of Macomb County

The level of E. Coli discovered in Macomb Count is so high it's off the charts of the lab testing equipment, officials say.

"It's very dangerous to human beings if you come in contact with at those really high counts, you can get very ill," Macomb County Public Works Commissioner Candace Miller said. "If you have a count of 300 you're closing beaches, these are literally off the charts."

That's why when the count showed 2400+ that's a problem.  But what exactly is E. coli?

"Waste. It's human waste or animal waste ... there's no way to make it pretty," Miller said.

The waste apparently got out of the sanitary sewage system and entered the county storm drain that ultimately empties into Lake St. Clair.

The two hot spots are on 11 Mile and Schoenerr and then again on 14 Mile and Schoenberr. Officials estimate the E. coli has been contaminating the water for decades. The cause of how the waste, likely human, got into the waterways is still being investigated.

The problem was discovered when someone was kayaking Right Run and saw a sheen on the water. They tested it and it turned out to be feces 
Luckily, no injuries were reported. Warren said it will do the fix which should not interrupt residents that much.  And at this time there is no danger to drinking water.