Ear bitten off in customer assault at Chinese restaurant

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A woman goes bonkers at a Chinese restaurant in Macomb County.

Before it was all over she allegedly bit off the ear of the owner - and ended up in handcuffs.

A sign taped to the front window says: "We are not opening today because of some reasons. 6/29/18"

Closed for "some reasons."  The reasons will make your stomach turn. An angry customer unhappy with her food starts an argument with the owner and then bites part of his ear off.

Dispatch received a desperate 911 call from an 8-year-old boy that his mom was getting attacked by an angry customer inside their Chinese restaurant.

SON: "There is a violent woman over here hitting my mom, she also hit me."

911 DISPATCHER: Who is she? 

SON: I don't know, I'm scared.

Customer Jade Anderson, 24, wasn't happy with her food. Police say the couple who owns China 1 in Mt. Clemens doesn't speak English, so their son stepped in to translate. 

Anderson, who became irate, threw her food, punched the boy then went after his mom, beating her. 

Police said when her husband stepped in Anderson went after him, biting the lower part of his ear off. This unfolded in front of their 4-year-old daughter. 
FOX 2 talked with the family at their home, the woman was covered in bruises and her husband thankful doctors could reattach his ear.  

"I'm besides myself, these are wonderful people," said Wesley Anderson, customer. "I come in here most every day they are very generous, they give me cookies, I play with their children. They are both very kind people."

Anderson is locked up charged with multiple counts of assault. And come to find out - while she was attacking this family she left her own small child home, alone.

"This woman needs to get a life," Wesley Anderson said. "If you're on drugs and alcohol you need to get off."

The restaurant is closing down for several days to recover from the chaos hurts an already struggling family.

"They are in here day and sweating their butts off to provide for the community - and this is how they are treated, its degradation," said Anderson.