Eastern Market's Busy Bee hardware store to close after 100 years

Calling it quits, the Busy Bee hardware store in Eastern Market is closing its doors after 100 years of business.

The store opened in 1918 on Gratiot in Eastern Market.

"It's one of the few places you can hold up a handful of screws and say I've got 12 of them, and they send you the bill at the end of the month," said Gregory Holm, who owns Antieiam restaurant across the street.

Richard Crabb and his sister own the business, who took it over from their father, who took it over from his father.

"The heyday of true old hardware is over," he said.

That's right. No computers, everything is hand written on a price tag. And there are memories around the store.

"When I was little I always try to pet that moose. I'd make my dad pick me and I'd pet it," Shelbi Adams said.

There have always been dogs behind the counter, and they still use one of the only rope elevators in the state. 

The hardware store is slated to be replaced by:

"All mixed use. Picture five buildings and a parking lot, you can do anything your heart and mind and money will buy," Crabb said.

And speaking of money, rumor has it that Richard sold Busy Bee for $2.6 million to local developers. 

Most of the antiques will be given to a local museum, and everything must be sold, as the Busy Bee must be gone by mid-July.

"We're proud to say that we've done 100 years, and we're going out proud," Crabb said.