Eastern Michigan police videos show chase of suspect who hit 9 cars

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Eastern Michigan police have released video of a high-speed chase of a suspect from fall that led to a nine-car crash and federal charges.

A man desperate to get away from police tried to drive between traffic stopped at a red light. The suspect hit nine vehicles in the process before ditching his car and leaving behind the evidence of a serious crime.  

It was Sept. 6, 2018, when an Eastern Michigan University police officer saw a Kia speeding through a parking lot. As the officer attempts to stop the car, the suspect took off towards traffic stopped at a red light.

Undeterred by the backup, the driver tried to split the middle and clipping the other cars along the way. Police think he's stuck but he soon drove away - and other officers joined in the chase. 

“Just so we are all on the same page, this guy fled from the vehicle after hitting a bunch of cars by Piedmont?" said a police officer on bodycam.

Police found his car abandoned.

“It’s the suspect's vehicle it’s still running," the officer said on the bodycam.

A closer look uncovered just who they were dealing with. 

"There’s a gun in the car guys, a gun in the car," said the officer on bodycam.

Police determined the car was rented by Dewan Olive-Abinojar from Ann Arbor.  His criminal history includes assault with a weapon, theft and possession of financial transaction devices. 

While some officers attempted to track down the suspect, others combed through his car.

“There are whippets all over the car," the officer on bodycam said.

Cartridges of nitrous oxide were found, that if inhaled, gets a person high, littered the car. Police also find evidence of financial crimes.  

"Credit card skimmer right there, scales, more credit cards in there," said the officer on bodycam.

As the car was towed away to be processed and Abinojar was eventually caught. 

In February he pleaded guilty to running from police and was sentenced to a year in jail. 
But when police analyzed the gun, they found the serial numbers were scratched off and it was illegally brought across state lines meaning he is now facing federal charges of being a felon in possession of a gun. 

Those federal charges were signed off by a judge a month ago. So far he is yet to appear in federal court. 
According to school officials he never was a student at Eastern Michigan. According to his own social media he mentioned wanting to play football at EMU back in 2013 after graduating high school in Ann Arbor.